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English Language Learners at PCS

The ELL Department: PCS is proud to be a very diverse school. The ELL (English Language Learner) Department is here to support students who speak two or more languages. Students who are bilingual are very bright, but may need support as they have a lot to learn at one time. Academic language for bilingual students usually does not fully develop until after 4 years of schooling, and may take up to 7. This is perfectly natural, but can be helped with support. At PCS, we use best practice strategies and resources to assist students. ELL teachers work with classroom teachers to provide the best education for our ELL students. They co-teach in various classes during the day, collaborate with each other, and may teach some students in a small group or individually.   No matter what language level the student is, our goal is always to help them reach the next.

Right now, we have 233 students who are identified as "ELL",   who are continuing to become proficient in the English language. In addition, there are more bilingual students who are now proficient and not included in this count. We encourage students to share and discuss their cultures, and are proud to have 15 languages and many more cultures represented at our school. The top three languages are Spanish, Vietnamese, and Arabic. 

In addition to the services provided to students, we value collaboration and support with our parents and families. PCS provides translation services and translated documents for our EL parents as needed. Both in person and phone interpreters are available for communication in conferences or as needed.

For more information about the ELL Department please check out the following links:

Please click HERE to view the PCS ELL (LAU) Plan.