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Common Questions and Answers

♦ What is a charter school?

Charter Schools are tuition-free public schools of choice.  They are financed through public, local, state and federal funds, but are independent of local school boards.  Premier Charter School is an innovative public school, which operates under a charter from the University of Missouri - St. Louis.

♦ How does PCS differ from other public schools?

  • The teaching staff is free to be innovative in its teaching strategies and responsive to student learning styles. 
  • The school is accountable; it must meet the educational needs of students or lose its charter.
  • The school is free to develop ties to local institutions and develop its curriculum independently.

♦ Who governs Premier Charter School?

The governing Board is comprised of local parents, community leaders, and individuals who work in the education and business communities. 

♦ What will PCS emphasize?

  • High standards for students and parents
  • Clear and consistent curriculum and content
  • Project-based learning
  • Character Education
  • Integrated technology
  • Elective course enrichment
  • Before and after school programs

♦ What does the educational program include?

The education program will include English Language Arts (reading, writing, oral communication), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Character Education, Computer Technology, Art, Music, Spanish, Physical Education and Health.  The program will meet or exceed the Missouri State Standards.

 ♦ Does PCS provide Bus Transportation?

No, Premier Charter School does not provide bus transportation.  The opportunity for enrollment is available to all St. Louis City residents and to help accomodate our families who may have transportation needs, we have a comprehensive Before and After Care Program starting at 6AM and ending at 6:00PM.

♦ Does PCS have a Dress Code?

Yes, Premier Charter School students are expected to follow the Dress Code guidelines each school day.

Dress Code