Enrollment Information

Lottery Information

  • Initial enrollment for students who attend Premier Charter School is established through a lottery system. All applicants must be residents of St. Louis City.
  • Lotteries are held on posted dates for available openings.
  • A student lottery application must be filled out, all applicable information completed and signed by parent/guardian in order to be entered into the lottery.
  • Children must turn 5 years of age before August 1st to enter the lottery for Kindergarten for the upcoming school year.
  • Applications are available for grades K - 8.
  • Applicants selected in the lottery are notified via phone and in writing and are given an acceptance deadline following notification to complete and submit all required enrollment paperwork.
  • Preference will only be given to families who have siblings currently enrolled.
  • Student applications remain active in the lottery for the school year applied for only. An application is removed from the lottery when the applicable school year lottery closes, if the application is incomplete or the school receives no response after selection from applicant's family by the published deadline or is officially withdrawn from the lottery by their parent/guardian.
  • Once selected, the parent/guardian and student must sign the PCS Family & School Success Plan indicating their willingness to follow the policies and procedures at Premier Charter School.

"This institution is an equal opportunity provider."


To Apply For The Lottery:

1.     Applications are available by mail, at Premier Charter School's Main Office located in the Elementary Building, or click "APPLY NOW" and fill out the online application.

2.     The parent/guardian may submit applications online, by mail, fax or come to the school to complete lottery application for their child(ren). No documents other than the one page application are required at this time in order to be placed in the lottery.

3.     The applications are reviewed by the school registrar for eligibility.

Lottery Process:

1.     Grade level lotteries occur on posted dates if there are spaces available in a specified grade(s).

2.     Applications of siblings of enrolled students are given priority.

3.     All applicant names (for each specific grade level) are assigned a random number by the computer.

4.     The application(s) with the lowest random number assigned are selected.

**Important - When a child is selected through the lottery, and offered a space, it does not mean that their siblings are also offered spaces.  It does mean that their siblings go on a waiting list (separate from the lottery list) and are offered the first available spaces.


To Complete The Registration Process After Applicant Is Accepted:

1.     The parent is given a registration deadline.  By that date/time, they must have come in person and completed all registration papers.

2.     The registration papers are forwarded to the Registrar who reviews the information and signs off on the packet when it is filled out completely.

        Registration forms and required documents are:

  • Two Proofs of St. Louis City Residency (i.e. current utility bills, mortgage /lease papers and/or driver's license)
  • Original/Certified Copy of Birth Certificate/Court filed guardianship/DFS foster child assignment paperwork
  • Student Social Security Card (optional)
  • Immunization Records
  • Parent/Guardian Photo ID

**Note that the above official/original documents must be brought to the school to be copied.

        Registration Packet:

  • Authorization for release of school records
  • Authorization for release of Special Education Records (if applicable)
  • Application for Free/Reduced Meals
  • Missouri Safe Schools Act Form
  • Premier Charter School's Absentee Policy Form
  • Copy of most recent report card
  • Copy of Compliant Immunization Record and Current Physical Exam/or copy of Exemption Form

3.     The assigned teacher will contact the parent/guardian to schedule a conference and setup the student's start date.

**A child may not begin school until the admission process is complete, the teacher conference is held and an official start date has been determined.