A Word From Mrs. Hirschman-Head of PCS Elementary School

Welcome to the Premier Charter School family!  The elementary team is truly honored to have the opportunity to become part of your lives. 

As adults we remember our first school experiences - the first day of Kindergarten, our best friends, learning to share, learning to read and multiply.  We remember those special projects, musicals and field experiences. 

At Premier Charter School, we recognize the importance of those firsts.  We recognize the foundation that those first school experiences provide for our students as well as the role that family and community play in that journey.  As the first charter school in St. Louis, we are proud of our history and tradition, rooted deep in the city and the diversity that truly mirrors our great city.  We thrive on our community of families, students and staff and the commitment of all involved to provide an exceptional foundation of firsts. 

Our students receive their foundation at PCS with a strong balance of character education integrated with academic rigor.  Kindergarten through 5th grade students participate in classroom meetings, learn the art of discussion and connect it to their learning.  They learn to see the purpose behind their schoolwork and the value of accountability.  Student expectations are set high from K-5.  Respect, responsibility and caring are the three core ethical values your child lives out each day and is reflected from classroom lessons all the way down to our quiet signal in the hallway.  Student voice is a part of our daily function.  Students and teachers assist with morning announcements, 5th graders raise our flags.  Student council elections are run by students and incorporate representatives from 1st - 5th grades. 

Academic expectations are set high.  Each grade level has specific levels of performance students need to attain.  Your child's teacher will help set specific goals related to their personal achievement.  As an elementary school we are working with students on communicating their thinking and building upon each other's conversations.  As you're asking about your child's day, you'll most likely get a, "Fine."  Have your child elaborate by  asking questions that don't involve a yes/no response.  "Why do you think that?"  "I agree with you because . . . "  This helps students become responsible for their own learning.

Please know that you are welcome at PCS!  You can get involved in the life of our school in many ways--volunteering, participating in one of our fun family activities or joining in the Parent Community Group.  However you choose to join in, I'd like to personally welcome each of you to PCS and wish you a happy year of firsts!